Westmount Green Team

Westmount Green team

Westmount Moving Commercial Division realizes the importance of keeping our environment as clean as possible. That’s why we have implemented our Green Team program. This program is designed to reduce our “Carbon Footprint” where we aim to reduce our carbon emissions and increase recycling. Westmount Moving President Joe Gagnon sits down with the entire team once a year to discuss ways to increase efficiency and try to take a proactive approach to helping this industry move towards a “greener” future.

Some of the changes that are already in place with Westmount Moving Commercial Division:

  • Band and recycle cardboard
  • Newer fuel efficient trucks
  • Sort all scrap metal, plastic and glass for recycling
  • Consolidating truckloads by route creates fuel conservation
  • Reusable plastic crates made of recycled material in lieu of cardboard boxes.

Westmount Moving Commercial Division puts the green back into commercial moving. We are “future capable” by providing a higher level of environmentally sustainable methods and are committed to continue to reduce our carbon footprint.