Office Moving Checklist

  • NOTIFY present and new landlord of exact moving dates. Obtain copies of moving policies and certificate of insurance requirements and give copy to Westmount Moving Commercial Division.
  • CONTACT appropriate companies for service of equipment prior to move (copy machines, fax machines, computer systems, phone systems).
  • TELEPHONE – have telephone connection established at both locations.
  • COMPUTER NETWORKS need to be taken down and the new network set up, including new cable installation & testing, design, and maintenance. Test jacks prior to moving.
  • OFFICE SUPPLY ROOM – Has sufficient area been provided to store office materials, stationary, equipment, and furniture? Are there sufficient supplies to last through the move?
  • PREPARE floor plans of all departments and private offices. Assign each employee an individual moving number and instruct employee to tag all related items.
  • USE floor plans to associate final placement of furniture and equipment to electric and/or gas outlets, telephones and water supplies.
  • PURCHASE any new equipment. Sell or trade-in old equipment. Have new items delivered at new location BEFORE the move. Have old items picked-up the day before or the day after the move.
  • HAVE subscriptions to newspapers, magazines, trade journals, and other publications transferred to new address.
  • NOTIFY any relevant federal, provincial and/or city agencies.
  • ARRANGE for changes to letterhead, envelopes, invoices, statements, and business cards at least two weeks prior to moving. This is also an excellent opportunity for revising or modernizing the designs of these pieces.
  • REVIEW inventory and all orders in process to ensure correct routing.

General Instructions

The following instructions should be performed prior to the actual relocation:

1. Desks should be prepared by:

A. Removing all breakable items and placing them in a carton. Discard spillable items.

B. Removing the contents of the center drawer, place them in a manila envelope, and replace the envelope in the drawer. Do not leave any valuables in the drawers.

C. Returning all files and working papers to the master files.

D. Packing all items on the top of the desk into cartons or carts.

E. Disconnecting all machines on top of the desk from their power source.

F. Purging unneeded items to avoid shipping them unnecessarily.

2. Files and filing cabinets should be prepared by:

A. Locking all file cabinets – KEEP KEYS IN SECURE PLACE

B. Removing the contents of all “Fire-Safe” filing cabinets.

C. Emptying all contents in lateral filing cabinets except the bottom two drawers.

D. Moving confidential or secure files using specialized security precautions.

3. Systems / Modular furniture should be prepared by:

A. Checking with your relocation coordinator regarding the disassembly and reassembly requirements for your particular model. Timing for this service is instrumental to the overall flow of the project.

B. Considering having your furniture cleaned during the relocation process.

4. Miscellaneous:

A. All bulletin boards, blackboards, mirrors, and pictures should all be removed from the walls – unless this service was contracted to Westmount Moving Commercial Division.

B. All machines should be cleaned and serviced where required prior to moving – especially copy machines and postal machines. Check with the dealer to ensure that they allow moving companies to move their copiers without voiding the warranty.

5. Packing Instructions:

A. Vertical filing cabinets will be moved with the contents intact, unless a stair carry is involved. Please lock the cabinet if possible and place the key in a safe place.

B. Supply or storage cabinets must have all contents packed. After packing, lock, tape, or tie the doors closed.

C. Bookcases should have all the contents packed into book cartons or onto rolling bookcarts*. Do not forget to label the cartons with the appropriate moving company label – one on the top and one end.

D. Pack all the contents of coat racks or lockers.

E. You do not need to pack office machines such as typewriters, adding machines, or computer terminals. Please disconnect these items completely, and leave them on top of the desk. Westmount Moving will pad wrap all items and place them on to a rolling machine cart.

F. If the pictures or bulletin boards are too large to pack, then remove them from the wall, tag with a moving company label, and Westmount Moving will pad wrap and place on rolling carts. Please consolidate all small pictures and degrees into a carton. Use paper to fill in any holes that occur.

G. All items to be moved MUST be clearly tagged according to the guidelines outlined below.

H. All cartons must be sealed or have lids on them to prevent the contents from spilling during the relocation.

I. Do not pack any flammables or liquids in cartons.

6. Building Accessibility

Building accessibility is of major importance. Our staff will work closely with you to make certain all entrances and exits to be utilized will be open. You are responsible for obtaining any and all applicable permits from city governments. Building interiors, including corridors and stairwells, are to be free from obstructions and made accessible.

7. Building Preparation

We will properly protect all walls, corners, and floors to prevent any damage. We will utilize masonite, door-jamb protectors, and rolled cardboard to protect each location pursuant to building guidelines.

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