Packing Tips

Seal paperclips, pencils and other loose materials in envelopes and then pack them. Protect all glass items with paper, newsprint, or other appropriate packing material.

It is advisable to make one box an “Open First” box. Pack it last — with things that you need until the last moment before the move, as well as with materials, files, desk supplies, etc. that you will need first thing in the morning after the move. Mark this as “Box 1” or “Open First.” Westmount Moving will place the box in an easily accessible area within your workstation so you can unpack it first.

Also, please remain safety conscious during the packing and unpacking process and do not block corridors, hallways or emergency exit routes with packed boxes.

As part of the ongoing campaign to purge files prior to the move, additional trash receptacles and recycling bins will be placed throughout the area. Additional trash and recycling pickups should be scheduled to help keep the workspace neat and free of hazards.

Pre-Packing Guidelines

  • When packing office cartons, do not pack over the edge; all cartons must be taped closed or have securely fastened lids. To facilitate a smooth and efficient flow of goods, cartons must be able to be stacked upon each other. Each person should be responsible for packing their own desk and area, and then labeling the box appropriately.
  • Westmount Moving Commercial Division will provide packing service for an additional charge. However, your relocation coordinator will provide you with free packing guidance upon request.
  • Do not pack any valuables or personal items in cartons

Tagging and Marking Guidelines:

  • Each item to be moved must be tagged or clearly marked.
  • Simple moving labels (one or more colors) are available for tagging. Custom-printed labels and directional signage are available for an additional charge. Each label should be easily understood and writing must be legible.
  • Specific and detailed code assignments designating floor, room, and piece number must be provided to Westmount Moving. Any changes made to the final drawings could result in project delays.
  • Certain furniture may need disassembly for moving. Be sure to tag each piece with the same tag color and information.
  • When placing the moving labels on items to be moved make sure to place them in clearly visible areas and do not place them directly on fabric. Also, before placing the stickers on the piece to be moved fold one corner back to itself. This will facilitate easy removal after the move is completed.

Do Not Pack:

  • PERSONAL ITEMS Personal items of any kind are your responsibility to move.
  • COMPUTER EQUIPMENT Please do not place any computer equipment, components, cables or peripherals into cartons. If you have a question as to how to pack your computer or any of its components, please ask your I.T. representative for assistance. Detailed instructions concerning the relocation of your computer are also available upon request.
  • WALL-HUNG ITEMS Label any wall-hung items and leave them on the walls. Westmount Moving will take them down and move them.
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